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World Cup 2022: Best bet for Mexico-Saudi Arabia
World Cup 2022: Best bet for Mexico-Saudi Arabia
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Author(s): Nigel Seeley. Photo by USA TODAY Sports
World Cup 2022: Best bets for U.S.-Iran
World Cup 2022: Best bets for U.S.-Iran
It's a massive World Cup match in Group B on Tuesday when the United States takes on Iran. Can the U.S. win and advance to the knockout stage of the World Cup?
Author(s): Nigel Seeley. Photo by USA TODAY Sports
USA vs. Iran World Cup Game Odds and Prediction
USA vs. Iran World Cup Game Odds and Prediction
The United States fought to an admirable 0-0 draw against England to set up the opportunity to advance out of Group B with a win over Iran on Tuesday at 2 p.m. ET in the 2022 World Cup. Mitch Moss and Pauly Howard brought former USMNT forward Eric Wynalda on Follow The Money to preview the match and give his USA vs. Iran prediction.
Author(s): Adam Burke. Photo by USA TODAY Sports

World Cup 2022 Odds and Betting

The World Cup is a worldwide celebration of the globe's most beloved sport. Every four years, hundreds of millions of fans tune in to watch their favorite teams compete for the coveted top spot in this quadrennial world soccer competition.

The World Cup event wouldn't be complete without some bets to make the outcomes more attractive to viewers. 

Who is Favored to Win the 2022 World Cup? 

At the initial draw in April of 2022, Brazil was the team most favored to win. However, Argentina pulled ahead with a 35-win streak. Though Brazil has the best odds of winning the World Cup, many believe Argentina will come out on top.

Which Teams are Favored to Win the Group Stage? 

The World Cup brackets are divided into 32 teams, divided into eight groups of four teams each. The groups are labeled A–H, and each team plays every other team within that group.  The two teams that come out on top within their grouping make it out of group play and go to the next round in the playoffs.

FIFA World Cup Group A Odds

This group includes Qatar—the country hosting the World Cup in 2022. Qatar plays Ecuador, and the two other teams in this grouping are the Netherlands and Senegal. 

The Netherlands went 5-0-1 in the UEFA Nations League and will enter the tournament as the favorite in this grouping to advance out of group play. 

Qatar enters the challenge with considerably longer odds of winning the group.

FIFA World Cup Group B Odds

Group B consists of England, the USA, Wales, and Iran. England is the only team in this group with decent odds of winning the World Cup soccer tournament.

England stands as the most favored to win their group at the onset of the tournament, considered by most bookmakers as having the best chance of advancing out of group play. England went 0-3-3 in the UEFA Nations League, which is likely to keep fans on edge throughout the group stage. 

The United States goes into group play amid a significant slump—making only one goal out of five matches leading up to seeding.

Wales and Iran enter with significantly lower confidence in their chances to advance. Wales's last World Cup appearance was in 1958, and Iran hasn't yet advanced out of the group stage of the competition and only boasts two wins ever in the tournament’s history. 

FIFA World Cup Group C Odds

Consisting of Argentina, Mexico, Poland, and Saudi Arabia, the most strongly favored team to advance is Argentina. They went unbeaten in World Cup qualifications and haven't lost a match since 2019. Having such a brilliant record, many place Argentina as the most likely to win it all in 2022.

Mexico won a spot in the World Cup by virtue of point difference during qualifying but wasn’t particularly dominant—stifling confidence that they'll advance—but oddsmakers like their chances better than Poland's or Saudi Arabia's. 

Poland holds little expectation for oddsmakers, and they don't give Saudi Arabia much chance either—given that Saudi Arabia qualified for group B by default when Japan beat Australia in qualifications. 

FIFA World Cup Group D Odds

France, Denmark, Australia, and Tunisia make up this group, with France as the clear frontrunner to advance out of group play. Though they only won one out of six Nations League matches, oddsmakers consider them the best of the four teams in their group. France also comes into the tournament with slightly longer odds of winning the World Cup than Brazil. 

Denmark holds fair odds in contrast to France, standing a relatively good chance of winning their way out of the group round. 

Australia has only made it out of the group stage once, in 2006, and they bring long odds with them into the World Cup competition. According to oddsmakers, Tunisia has never made it out of group play, and they possess the worst chance to move forward.

FIFA World Cup Group E Odds

Group E boasts Spain, Germany, Japan, and Costa Rica. Spain and Germany are both expected to advance past the group stage—with Spain holding a slightly larger margin of favor versus Germany's odds of moving on. Both are potent teams, and viewers expect a spectacular matchup between these two.

Bookmakers don't like Japan's chances of advancing. Though they've won group stages in past World Cup tournaments, their roster lacks heavy-hitting players, and they haven't performed nearly as well as Spain or Germany in recent matches.

Costa Rica beat some heavy odds to enter play in Group E—winning against New Zealand 1-0 in the Intercontinental Playoff and becoming the final team to qualify. This unexpected victory didn't help their odds against the rest of their group, as they entered play with the lowest chances out of their group to continue past the group round.

FIFA World Cup Group F Odds

This group comprises Belgium, Croatia, Morocco, and Canada. 

As the number-one ranked team in Europe, Belgium is the strongest favorite to win within their group. They’re sitting neck-and-neck with the Netherlands ahead of the competition in terms of chances to win it all. 

Croatia's odds make them slightly less favorable, so nobody should count them out entirely.

Morocco only made it out of group play in 1986, and their most recent record doesn't do anything to improve speculators' confidence in the team. Canada's initial chances place it as least favored to win the group—based chiefly on lackluster performances throughout the past four years.

FIFA World Cup Group G Odds

Brazil, Switzerland, Serbia, and Cameroon round out Group G for 2022.

Brazil isn't just expected to make their way out of the group round—oddsmakers all over place them as the favorite to bring home the World Cup, with odds slightly better than the second-most favored nation, France.

For group play, Brazil holds a slight chance over Switzerland and Serbia to advance. The last time Brazil didn't make it out of group play was in 1966, and they've advanced to the quarterfinals in the past seven World Cup tournaments.

Switzerland and Serbia have had an impressive run in the most recent window, but Switzerland is expected to squeak past Serbia to advance.

Cameroon hasn't advanced since 1990. Holding the longest shot at moving forward, they haven't done much to sway oddsmakers' opinions since their last World Cup endeavor.

FIFA World Cup Group H Odds

Finally, we have Portugal, Uruguay, Ghana, and South Korea comprising Group H. 

Portugal is slightly favored over Uruguay to move ahead. Portugal hasn't won group play since they went to the semifinals in 2006, while Uruguay has made it out of the group stage in the past three tournaments. While Uruguay is favored to make it to the semifinals, Portugal's FIFA world ranking gives them a slight betting edge over Uruguay, who is ranked considerably lower at the time of group qualification.

Ghana didn't compete in the 2018 tournament, and most believe they don't have the talent to beat Portugal or Uruguay in the group stage. Most sports books place Ghana and South Korea with the slimmest of chances. South Korea has only advanced once in their past four appearances, and they sort of fell into the 2022 group spot—without having to perform spectacularly to do so.

How to Bet on the 2022 World Cup

When it comes to the World Cup, betting is far from limited to wagering who'll win which group. Oddsmakers and betting venues—such as sports fan sites like DraftKings—offer several ways to place your bets on World Cup brackets—whether you want to go with moneylines, spreads, or futures bets to keep it interesting. See the wide variety of wagers you can make, covered below.

Types of Bets

Check out some of these fun World Cup events you can wager on.

Top Goal Scorer / Golden Boot

The top scorer in the World Cup wins the Golden Boot trophy. Officially started in 1982 as the Golden Shoe, the top scorers of every tournament before then are also considered Golden Boot winners. Guillermo Stabile of Argentina is the first-ever winner of the Golden Boot, with eight goals in the inaugural tournament of 1930 in Uruguay. 

Since 1994, only one top scorer can receive the trophy. If two players are tied, the player with the most non-penalty goal wins. If the players remain tied, it goes to the player with the most assists. Coincidentally in 1994, Russia’s Oleg Salenko and Bulgaria’s Hristo Stoichkov shared the trophy with six goals and one assist each.

West Germany's Miroslav Klose holds the record for the most goals in a World Cup tournament, with 16 goals in 2014.


Also known as point spread betting, this method of wagering requires that the favored team beat the underdog by a certain number of points for the bet to pay out. Given the low-scoring nature of soccer, spreads usually range between 0.5 and 2 points. 

The expected winner is noted with a negative number; the underdog with a corresponding positive number. If Team A has a -1.5 spread, Team B will possess a +1.5 spread. If you back Team A, they need to win by at least two goals for your wager to pay out. If you back Team B, you win the bet if they lose by one goal, tie, or win by any amount. 

Draw no bet

With the draw no bet wagering method, you're simply backing one team to win over the other. If you back Team A and they win, you win your bet. If they lose to Team B, you lose your stake. In the case of a draw, the bookmaker returns your stake, and neither of you are out any money.


Moneyline betting—also known as match-result—is the simplest way to lay down a wager, and it's the most popular way to bet in the U.S.  

When it comes to betting on World Cup matches, you'll most likely see odds laid out with a plus or minus sign and then a number. The setup usually looks like this—Team A: -200, -100, +150. Alternatively, the Moneyline may look like this—Team A: -200, Team B: +150.

The number after a plus sign means the amount of money you'll win if you place a $100 bet. The lower the probability a team has of winning, the higher the positive odds will be. Odds of +200 have a much higher chance of winning than a team with +1200 odds. 

In each case, if you'd place a $100 bet on a team with +200 odds to win, and if your team wins, you get back your initial $100 stake plus the indicated amount of +200—for a grand total of $300 back to you.

In the case of negative odds, this indicates how much you have to stake in order to win $100. To bet on Team A, you'd have to stake $200. If they win, you would win back your $200 initial bet plus the $100 payout.

A three-way Moneyline provides a payout for a tie—indicated by the middle number of -100 in the first example. In this case, you put in $100 to win an additional $100.


Futures betting focuses on results that surpass an individual match’s immediate results. You can make wagers on long-term outcomes, such as who'll win MVP of the tournament and which team will walk away with the tournament trophy. Even betting on the Golden Boot is considered a futures wager. 

In World Cup betting, some people begin making wagers on the next tournament champions a year or two before the next World Cup begins.

World Cup 2022 FAQs