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NBA Futures Odds Betting

Although many people bet regularly on individual games or short-term player stats, NBA futures odds are an increasingly popular way to get in on the NBA betting landscape. NBA futures bets go beyond the current day or week and center around long-term or season results.

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned bettor, the NBA future odds market is an exciting way to join in on the betting action. Keep reading to learn more about the basics of NBA futures odds.

What Are NBA Futures?

NBA futures odds are wagers placed on long-term results or those that go beyond the current day or week. These bets typically settle at the end of the NBA season and are made based on events that are yet to occur, such as which player will win Most Valuable Player or which team will win the NBA championship. NBA futures bets can involve various teams, players, divisions, and other aspects of the NBA.

Bets for NBA futures typically start in the preseason and continue throughout the year. Bookmakers can adjust odds based on game results, trades, injuries, and other factors, but the bettor’s wager remains locked in.

Why Bet on NBA Futures?

With a continued growth in popularity, it’s clear that NBA futures betting is a fun and sometimes advantageous way to play in the NBA betting market.

NBA futures odds often carry much larger payout potential than shorter term bets, but they come with greater risk since each bet is on a longshot. For example, the Lakers might be a favorite to win their conference and could be sitting at +150 odds, which means a $100 wager would payout $250 if you win (profit of $150). In comparison, you can distribute your bet across on multiple lower odds to reduce your risk and potentially earn a much higher payout.

Beyond payouts, NBA futures are a way for knowledgeable sports fans to exercise their expertise and insight. Futures odds are based on long-term results and as such aren’t always precise as other odds. With the right insight and knowledge, especially if you closely follow certain teams or players, you can read between the lines on odds and test yours and your friends’ expertise with a long-term bet.

Although NBA futures bets can be placed before the start of the season, you can buy in at any point on or off the season. NBA future odds can shift at any point in the season due to factors such as win or loss streaks, injuries, and more. Meaning the right bet at the right time can deliver greater rewards.

Most Common NBA Futures Bets

NBA futures betting allows you to make a variety of wagers, such as division winners, conference winners, and prop bets. The following are examples of the most common NBA futures bets:

NBA Finals

The NBA Finals are the most exciting part of the season, and it stands to reason that betting on the playoffs is also hugely popular. Opening odds are posted in the offseason and continually adjusted throughout the season based on matchups, injuries, trades, and other factors.


Betting on the NBA championship is one of the biggest longshot wagers you can make in NBA future odds, since the opposing teams aren’t even decided until the NBA Finals. Many factors affect championships future odds, such as win or loss streaks, free-agent signings, coaching changes, and player injuries.

Player awards

NBA futures odds also allow you to make individual player and prop bets for stats, performance, and player awards. You can bet on awards such as Most Valuable Player, Most Improved Player, and more, but each player’s odds can quickly change with injuries or other incidents.

With high stakes and potentially high rewards, NBA futures odds are an exciting way to make the NBA Finals and postseason even more exciting. Keep in mind that betting always carries risks, and it’s supposed to be more fun than stressful. Know your limits, and bet responsibly.