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NBA Playoffs Odds and Betting

Few events bring greater excitement to basketball fans than the high-stakes, drama-filled, best-of-seven postseason tournament: the NBA playoffs. Adding to their enthusiasm is the ability to bet on odds for the NBA playoff title. Every year, new and experienced bettors jump into NBA playoff betting, and carry that anticipation through to the NBA Finals in June—when the league’s top two teams battle it out for the championship trophy.

Biggest Rivalries in the NBA

Every sport has their share of notable rivalries. When certain teams come face-to-face, the emotion heats up and the competition is fierce—and professional basketball is no exception.

Their dominance in the 1990s sparked a number of rivalries between the Chicago Bulls and other NBA teams, including the New York Knicks and the Detroit Pistons. After the Pistons won back-to-back championships in 1989 and 1990, Michael Jordan and the Bulls went on to win the next three championships in a row, finishing out the decade with a staggering six championships.

The most famous NBA rivalry, however, goes to the two oldest teams in professional basketball—the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics. The 1980s saw the rivalry intensify, as Magic Johnson of the Lakers and Larry Bird of the Celtics clashed repeatedly in the finals.

Types of NBA Playoffs Bets

The NBA playoffs offer opportunities to place numerous bets, with a variety of betting formats, allowing bettors to decide how they want to put down their money.

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