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MLB Player Props

While picking the winner on a head-to-head team matchup is the first wager most will think of in MLB betting, player prop bets add excitement to the baseball bettor experience. Major League Baseball—and its rich history—is built upon a foundation of legendary players and their amazing feats. Most die-hard baseball fans will tell you about the hot streaks of their favorite slugger, or a summer when their favorite closer seemed to pitch his way out of every difficult scenario he faced. With MLB player prop bets, you can wager on individual performances and enjoy the talent, skill, and stellar play of baseball’s top stars.

What Are MLB Player Props?

Player prop bets give fans the chance to wager on individual baseball stars and place real money on their statistical successes (or failures). Going beyond simply choosing a winning team or choosing a favorite to cover a spread, player prop bets allow fans to focus on a specific player and the statistics that make their position pivotal to the outcome of the game.

Payouts for prop bets are based on the likelihood of that outcome occurring. For example, if your favorite slugger has hit home runs in four of his last eight games, that player’s odds to hit a home run will not be nearly as profitable as a wager on a player who has not hit a home run in his last 20 games.

Why Bet on MLB Player Props?

MLB player prop bets add a layer of excitement to your baseball betting experience as you root for an individual player and his ability to create a memorable moment. Player prop bets are based on individual statistics and event occurrences, so unlike a head-to-head bet where you can just check the box score after the game is completed, player prop bets encourage you to study the stats, watch each game, and eagerly await that player’s moment to shine—all adding a layer of entertainment and drama to each of 162 regular season MLB games.

Most Common MLB Player Prop Bets

Major League Baseball player prop bets are based on a player’s statistics or the occurrence of specific events within that game. This allows for a variety of wagers on players across positions and roles.

For example, if your favorite ace pitcher has an over-under of 7.5 strikeouts for his next game and you think he will do much better than that because he’s riding a hot streak, you might take the over and hope that he manages at least eight strikeouts. With pitchers, you can also wager on head-to-head matchups on which player will have the most strikeouts in that matchup. For hitters, you can wager the over/under on the total number of home runs, RBIs, bases taken, or the number of hits within that game. With so many betting options, you’ll easily find a category to wager on your favorite players.

While betting on MLB player props adds entertainment to the experience of professional baseball, it is always best to wager responsibly. Set clear limits for yourself and never wager money you cannot afford to lose. Sports betting is not to be used to pay your bills, but simply for added enjoyment of your favorite sports.