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NFL Player Props

Each Sunday during the NFL season, millions of fans tune in to root for their favorite teams. Many of these fans place wagers on the teams they feel will win those head-to-head matchups. But the NFL is also built upon star power and athletic playmaking—with these exciting moments, come NFL player prop bets, allowing fans to place wagers on their favorite NFL players to perform like superstars.

What Are NFL Player Props?

NFL player prop bets allow fans to wager on the likelihood that a football star will perform above or below expectations in a specific statistical category, or that they will achieve certain notable events during the game.

Like any wager, greater risk means higher payout, so placing a wager on a struggling quarterback to throw for four touchdowns will return stronger odds than a wager on the reigning MVP who has been on a hot streak.

Why Bet on NFL Player Props?

Player prop bets add a layer of entertainment to your NFL experience. Unlike a head-to-head matchup where you might place your bet and check the score after the game is over, placing wagers on individual achievements and statistics gives you even more reason to watch the game and root for the player you bet on.

With a wager on a statistical category, each time that player achieves you are a step closer to a profitable bet, which adds entertainment and excitement to your experience. Just as there are a variety of positions, ways to score, and statistics involved in an NFL game, there are a wide variety of player prop bet options. Whether it is a wager on a favorite player or in a statistical category you love to follow, there is likely a player prop category for every bettor.

Most Common NFL Player Prop Bets

With so many unique positions and statistics in NFL football, there is just as much variety in the player prop bets available. You can choose over/under bets on passing yards, rushing yards, passing touchdowns, interceptions, and total receptions, depending on your chosen player’s position.

If you notice that a receiver with potential is +500 to score a touchdown and you believe he’s due for a breakout game you will profit if the receiver scores a TD. You can also choose head-to-head matchups—for example, you can wager that your favorite quarterback will throw for more passing yards than the quarterback he is matched against in a given week. Following your favorite stars week-to-week and following those trends to place informed wagers adds to the excitement of gameday, and your prop bet

Sports betting is never about an adrenaline rush or chasing other betting losses. Always bet responsibly by setting clear limits for yourself and never bet money you can’t afford to lose. Your wagers are not about trying to pay your bills but simply about adding entertainment value to your favorite sports. Bet wisely and responsibly.