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NFL Futures Odds

The National Football League is home to one of America’s most popular professional sports and captures the attention of millions each Sunday when teams and players take to the gridiron. Nothing matches the grit, toughness, agility, and fervent fandom quite like the NFL on gameday.

The NFL holds a perennial place in the cultural landscape, whether celebrating hometown teams, classic rivalries, marquee matchups, or heroic gameday performances. Between the drama of close games or the play-by-play strategy, watching—and betting on—the NFL has entertainment value few sports can match.

What are NFL Futures?

NFL futures refers to betting on outcomes that will be determined at a later time during the NFL season or beyond. These bets are often placed on events such as team win totals, division winners, conference champions, and Super Bowl winners. They provide bettors the opportunity to speculate on the performance of teams and players over the course of the season or even further into the future. NFL Futures odds can change based on team performance, player injuries, and other factors as the season progresses.

Why bet on NFL Futures?

Because of the long-term nature of these wagers, an NFL futures bet can deliver a significant payout, but this also makes it a bet with more risk. These wagers, when played responsibly, can provide entertainment value—it’s almost as if you become a team insider by closely following team performance, stats, and injury reports.

Taking a sleeper team to upset last year’s conference champion two months down the road gives you the chance to follow that team and its development. Your long-term bet allows you to develop a bond with that team that goes beyond simply betting an over/under for that single Sunday. Taking a futures bet carries risk—many things can change with your team over the course of several weeks—but it provides an opportunity for you to predict and root for your team.

Most Common NFL Futures Bets

The most obvious choice for a NFL futures wager is to bet on the Super Bowl. These bets can be placed in the pre-season with odds based on a team’s initial rating by odds makers and NFL experts.

Bettors who place NFL futures bets might also place wagers on the NFC or AFC championships, week-to-week matchups, or individual player honors such as Most Valuable Player, Offensive Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Coach of the Year, or Rookie of the Year. Just like a futures wager on a team, placing a futures bet on an individual player gives you the chance to closely follow their development throughout the season.

As always, place your wagers responsibly. Your wagers on NFL futures should always be for entertainment, not an attempt to turn large profits or at a risk to your life’s responsibilities. Set strong limits for yourself, never wager money you can’t afford to lose, and never chase a loss with a risky wager. And remember: Your enjoyment of the NFL should be based upon wise betting, not emotional betting.