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NBA Player Props Betting

Whether you’re a betting newcomer or a seasoned pro when it comes to NBA wagers, NBA player props are a great way to get involved in the game. NBA player prop bets often have nothing to do with the final outcome of a game, instead focusing on side wagers on player-specific parts of the game, such as points scored or rebounds made.

As NBA betting grows in popularity, getting into the action becomes increasingly exciting. To start betting past the surface of NBA games, check out the basics of NBA player props below.

What Are NBA Player Props?

NBA player prop bets, short for proposition bets, are a type of wager related to the results or statistics of an individual player’s performance rather than the outcome of a game. Many player props incorporate an over or under condition—for example, if a player scores more or less than 30 points in a game. Player props can be limited to a single game, or you can parlay them over several games or an entire season.

Player props can be made on almost anything, from the number of three-pointers that Steph Curry makes in a game to how many rebounds Nikola Jokic makes in a season. You can even bet on a combination of stats, such as total rebounds, points, and assists a player earns in a game.

Why Bet on NBA Player Props?

NBA player prop bets aren’t necessarily easier to win compared to moneyline bets, but they do have a few advantages for both new and seasoned sports bettors.

Besides providing plenty of entertainment value for people who don’t necessarily have a ton of knowledge or strategy, player props are exciting for those who actively follow the trends and statistics of their favorite players. Leverage your knowledge about players in order to make an educated basis for props. For example, if you know a shooting guard is slated for more court time, you can guess they have a better chance of scoring more points next game.

With only so many games in a season, NBA props present more options for you to bet on than just a moneyline. More options translates to more opportunities to get into the nitty gritty stats, formulate better or worse NBA odds, and potentially find more betting value long-term. Betting on a variety of props rather than a single moneyline also means you’re not stressing while waiting out an entire game to know if your bet is a win or a loss.

Prop bets also add an exciting twist for games that have nearly concrete predictions, such as the best and worst NBA teams playing against each other. For instance, you can make the game more interesting by betting on your favorite player and seeing if they can score a certain number of points over the other team.

Common NBA Player Props Bets

With so many betting opportunities on individual players, there are many types and ranging specificities of NBA player props. Some player props, however, show up commonly each game and involve an understanding of player skills and team strategies, such as:


Three-pointer player props are a type of wager where you bet on how many three-pointers a specific player makes in a game, such as over or under four three-pointers.


Assist player props refers to betting on how many times a player makes a pass that results directly in a basket, with the player who made the pass earning the assist credit.


Rebound player props refer to how many times a player gets a rebound and are set by how many the player is expected to accrue in the game.

NBA player props are a fun way to make casual bets or to exercise your advanced player and team knowledge. Whether you’re new to basketball betting or not, picking a winning player prop can be almost as exciting as a game. Regardless of whether you win or lose, remember that player props and other bets are for fun—know your limits, and bet responsibly and safely.