Premier League Odds and Betting

How To Bet on the English Premier League

A rousing game of soccer involves a lot more than the final score. Those who regularly bet on the English Premier League in particular know a lot about the different facets of what types of bets you can make on one match. Whether you’re a beginner to soccer betting or you’re looking for a new prop bet this season, learning how to bet on the Premier League brings your sports experience to a new level.

Popular Types of Premier League Betting

As any soccer fan knows, the final score doesn’t tell the whole story. While you can certainly bet on whether Team A or Team B will win the match, different types of Premier League bets present unique opportunities for valuable in-game wagers.


A moneyline bet is a straightforward “who will win?” bet. You place your wager on either Team A or Team B to win the entire match, regardless of spread, total points, or any other factors.

Three-way moneyline

Most soccer sportsbooks include a 3-way moneyline, which adds a “Draw” option to the bet (since many soccer matches end in a tie). If you bet that a Premier League match will end in a draw and it does, your payout could be as high — or higher — than if either team had won.

Draw no bet

If you’re making a Draw No Bet wager, you’re betting that one team will win without a draw option. If the match does end in a draw, your bet is refunded. Notice that the odds do change when you choose Draw No Bet, so make sure you’re choosing the correct line.

Spread bets

Spread bets cover the difference between the winning and losing goals in a match. For example, a spread of -1.5 means that Team A needs to win by at least two goals for that bet to pay out.


When you place an over/under bet in the Premier League, you’re choosing whether the total goals in the match will be over or under a certain number. For example, if the Premier League over/under line is three goals, you can place an over bet if you think the teams will score more than three goals total, or an under bet if you believe the teams will score fewer than three goals total. If the final score ends exactly on three, both the over and under bets will push, and you will be refunded your initial wager.

Prop bets

Premier League prop bets are side wagers about events that may or may not occur during the game. Soccer itself has quite a lot of prop bets to choose from, and the English Premier League is no exception. You have two types of Premier League prop bets to choose from: team prop bets (about events concerning the whole team) and player prop bets (about events concerning a particular player on either team).

Common team prop bets include:

  • Team to score first - betting that Team A scores the first goal
  • Team to score in both halves - betting that Team A will score in both the first half and the second half
  • Both teams to score - betting whether or not both teams will score in a match
  • Correct score - betting on the exact final score
  • Double chance - betting on two of the three possible match outcomes (Team A wins, Team A loses, or draw)
  • Goals scored by team - betting on the total number of goals Team A will score
  • Winning margin - betting on how many goals Team A will win by
  • First/last goal - betting on which team scores the first and last goals
  • Total score odd/even - betting on whether the total score at the end of the match will be odd or even

Popular player prop bets include:

  • Shots by player - betting on how many goal shots Player A will take
  • Goals scored by player - betting on how many goals Player A will score
  • Player to assist - betting that Player A will assist in scoring a goal
  • First goalscorer - betting that Player A will score the first goal
  • Anytime goalscorer - betting that Player A will score a goal at any point in the match


Futures bets wager on an event that happens beyond the timeline of one game. Typically, they involve the results at the end of a season, such as a team’s final position in the English Premier League table.

  • Premier League winner - betting on the team that will win the Premier League
  • Top ten finish - betting that a team will finish in the top ten of the Premier League
  • Finish outside the top four - betting that a team will finish below the top four of the Premier League
  • Finish bottom - betting that a team will finish last in the Premier League
  • Top goalscorer - betting which Premier League player will score the most goals during a season
  • Player of the Year - betting which player will earn Player of the Year during a season

Game parlays

Parlay bets are groups of connected bets that only pay out if a player wins all of them. A game parlay bet groups different events that may or may not take place within a single game.

For example, one game parlay bet may be on a draw and under 2.5 (total goals). Another may be on a Team A win and over 2 (total goals). Remember, winning one part of a parlay bet doesn’t count—you have to win the whole thing to receive winnings.

Premier League Live Betting

A lot can change in a Premier League game between kickoff and halftime. Live betting allows players to make bets in the middle of the action. It’s just like being at the match yourself—with the opportunity to make real-time bets.

How Do You Read Premier League Odds?

When reading Premier League lines, you’ll see a team’s odds marked with either a minus sign (-) or a plus sign (+). A minus sign indicates that the team is favored to win, while a plus sign shows which team is considered the underdog.

You’ll also see an option in the middle of the teams marked “draw.” This betting option indicates the odds of the game ending in a draw. Like the Premier League line bets, a draw option will have a plus or minus sign before it.

For example, if the line for a match between Team A and Team B looks like this:

Team A


Team B




Team A is the favorite. You’ll need to bet $120 to earn $100 in winnings ($220 total payout).

Team B is the underdog. If you bet $100 and they win, you’ll earn $310 in winnings ($410 total payout).

A draw is less likely than a Team A victory, but more likely than a Team B victory. Placing $100 on a successful draw bet will win $285 ($385 total payout).

How To Bet on the English Premier League with DraftKings

DraftKings Sportsbooks offers numerous ways to bet on the English Premier League. Once you’ve surveyed the Premier League betting odds and other Soccer Odds, choose the type of bet you’d like to place. You’ll find lines for moneyline bets and draw no Bets, and adjustable options for total goals bets and spread bets. Additional Premier League betting choices at DraftKings include game props, team props, game parlays, halves, team futures, player futures, and more.

For more information on Premier League betting and other soccer and soccer wagers, take a look at our Soccer Betting Guide.

Play Responsibly With DraftKings

As with all sports betting, it’s important to bet responsibly. Keep a budget in mind as you place bets with an upper limit on how much you can comfortably wager. Don’t make bets to pay off past losses, as no bet is a sure thing. Remember to budget your time, as well, and don’t let your bets distract you from the incredible feats of sportsmanship on the field in front of you.

Learn more about making responsible bets at DraftKings with our Guide to Responsible Gaming.

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