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Whether you're a novice bettor or an experienced bettor seeking to broaden your betting skills, this guide offers valuable insights. We'll delve into the basics of how to bet on the moneyline and the relationship between moneyline odds and potential winnings.

Understanding a Moneyline Bet

Moneyline betting, a favored wagering style in sports, involves predicting who will win the game or match. The question, "how does the moneyline work?" simply involves understanding that unlike point spread betting, the final score doesn't matter in a moneyline bet - the winner takes it all. In this section, we'll break down what a moneyline bet entails, how to read moneyline odds, and key terminologies.

Understanding how to read moneyline odds is critical to sports betting. In the U.S., betting odds are often represented as either positive or negative. A negative number generally signifies the favorite, i.e. the team or player expected to win, while a positive number generally represents the underdog.

A positive moneyline is prefixed with a plus sign (+), indicating the potential profit from a $100 bet. For example, a moneyline of +200 means a $100 stake could yield a $200 profit. Conversely, a negative moneyline is prefixed with a minus sign (-) and represents the amount needed to stake to win $100. For instance, a moneyline of -150 means you need to bet $150 to win $100.

The relationship between moneyline odds and potential winnings is simple: the higher the positive moneyline odds, the higher the potential profit, but the lower the implied probability of winning. Conversely, the lower the negative moneyline odds, the more you need to bet to win $100, but the higher the implied probability of winning. Check out our Odds Calculator below to see how much you can win on your next bet!

Odds Calculator

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