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live betting

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Live In-Game Bets

Live betting allows you to bet in real-time while the action is unfolding. Think the next basket will be a 3-pointer? You can bet on it. Think Kansas City will make a monster comeback? Bet on it.

Odds will be representative of the likelihood of any of those events occurring, but beware; as live odds are dynamic, they are constantly going up and down. So, if you see something juicy, make sure you take it.

Odds Calculator

See how much you can win with your next bet!

Bet Amount

Enter the amount of money you want to bet


American Odds

Example: +100, -350

Decimal Odds

Example: 1.30, 3.50

Fractional Odds

Example: 10/11, 3/1

Implied Probability

Example: 51%, 81.7%


Expected Winnings


Bet Amount + Profit

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