Winter Sports

  1. This section is valid for the following sports: Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Cross Country Skiing, Freestyle, Nordic Combined, Short Track, Ski Jumping, Snowboard & Speed Skating.
  2. Results from a competition will be deemed valid if it is declared as a valid competition for the relevant category, by the governing association for that sport. This applies in case of an event being shortened, such as only consisting of one run/jump instead of two, or an event being moved to another venue.
  3. In cases of abandoned/uncompleted events, all those offers the outcome of which is already determined before the interruption of play and any further continuation of play could not possibly produce a different outcome are deemed valid and will be settled accordingly.
  4. All offers will be settled as void if the original/stated format of an event is completely changed, like the size of hill in Ski Jumping, style in Course Country Skiing, etc.
  5. DraftKings reserves the right to apply Tattersalls Rule 4 in case of a non-starter in a “Group Betting” (“Best of X”) offer.
  6. Offers related to specific Winter Sports events (excluding for example bets referring to Overall classifications, Olympic, World and Continental competitions), are offered with the explicit assumption that the particular event will be the next event held in that particular sports/discipline. Should the specific event be moved for any reason whatsoever and an exactly similar event for that sports/discipline is held in the same location starting in not more than 72 hours, the bets will be valid for the next scheduled event in that sports/discipline. Thus, if for example two separate races from the same sports/discipline are scheduled for Friday and Saturday and the Friday competition is moved to Saturday or Sunday, the bets on the Friday competition will be settled in accordance with the next scheduled event, in this case Saturday's events. In cases where just 1 event is scheduled in that sports/discipline and the starting time is moved less than 72 hours, bets will remain valid and will be settled accordingly. Should no event with the same connotations be held in the 72 hour period after the initially scheduled time, bets will be settled as void.
  7. In a "Head to Head" between two or three participants, at least one of the listed participants must complete the final run/stage/jump which the bet refers to, for bets to be considered valid. Such provision is not applicable for Cross-country Sprint events which include different elimination stages as well as Ski Jumping. In such cases, settlement will be based on the official classification irrespective of whether any of the listed participants completes the final run/stage/jump.
  8. Markets for this sport may not currently be offered in all jurisdictions.