Tennis and Racquet Sports (Badminton, Racketlon, Squash & Table Tennis)

  1. All bets will remain valid as far as the match/offer is played within the tournament framework regardless of any changes (either before or during the match), in conditions (indoor/outdoor) and/or surface types, unless other arrangements have been agreed.

  2. “Match” bet offers are based on the general principle of tournament progress or tournament win, depending on which phase of the competition the match refers to. The player/team progressing to the next round or winning the tournament is to be considered as the winner of the bet regardless of match duration, withdrawals, disqualifications, etc. These bets require at least one set to be completed for bets to stand.

  3. “Over/Under” and "Handicap" (Point Spread) offers on unfinished matches the outcome of which is already determined before the interruption of play and/or where any further continuance of play could not possibly produce a different outcome to said offers, will be settled based on the result achieved until the interruption. For the calculation of these settlements, the minimum amount of occurrences which should have been needed to bring the offer to the natural conclusion will be added as necessary depending on the number of sets which the match is scheduled for. Should this calculation produce a situation where no possible alterations could affect the outcome of the offer this will be settled as such. The following examples can be used for consideration:

    • Example 1 - Over/Under: A retirement occurs in a match scheduled for three sets with the score 7-6, 4-4. The offers: “Total Games Set 2 – 9.5” (or any lines lower than that amount) & “Total Games Played in the Match – 22.5” (or any lines lower than that amount) will be settled with “Over” bets as winning and “Under” bets as losing. Bets on lines higher than that will be settled as void.
    • Example 2 - Handicap: A retirement occurs at the start of the 3rd set in a match scheduled for 5 sets with the score at 1-1. Bets on +2.5/-2.5 Sets will be settled as winners and losers respectively. Offers on any lines lower than that amount will be settled as void.

  4. All “Correct Score” (namely Set Betting and Game Betting), “Odd/Even”, and those offers which refer to the winner of a particular period in the match (example “Which player will win the first set?” and “Set 2 – Game 6: Winner” require the relevant part of the match to be completed.

  5. All type of offers not specified above require at least one set to be completed for bets to stand, except for those offers the outcome of which is already determined before the interruption of play and any further continuation of play could not possibly produce a different outcome.

  6. In a Doubles match, all bets will be declared void if any of the stated players are being replaced.

  7. Any reference to "Grand Slams" will be based on the tournaments for that particular season to which the ITF attributes said definition, irrespective of any venue, date, or any other changes.

  8. Unless explicitly stated, all bets on Davis Cup matches will be voided in case it is decided that the match is played in any other format than “Best of 5 Sets”, (e.g. Best of 3 Sets).

  9. Offers relative to the Davis Cup are offered with the explicit assumption that the particular match-up will form part of the so-called “rubbers” for the next available Singles session, which usually consists of two Singles matches per session. All bets will be cancelled on matches which are intended for the first or second rubber (usually Friday Singles matches) which had the listed participants changed, regardless of the fact that the same encounter could actually happen during other match-ups of the same tie/round.

  10. Results acquired in a "Pro Set" will be valid only for the following offers: "Match", "Set Handicap", "Set Betting" and "Total Sets". All other types of offers will be settled as void, with the exception of offers the outcome of which is already determined.

  11. In cases where a "Match Tie-Break" is used by the organizing committee/federation as the deciding factor in determining the outcome of the match, said "Match Tie-Break" will only count as 1 "Game" as applicable. (Example: A match with the following scores: 6-4 (Set 1), 2-6 (Set 2) and 10-8 (Match tie-break) will be resulted in Participant/Team A winning 9 Games (6+2+1) while Participant/Team B will be considered as won 10 (4+6+0).

  12. Markets for this sport may not currently be offered in all jurisdictions.