1. All bets stand, regardless of any postponement, change of venues, etc., granted that the event is held within the official waiting period as declared by the governing body.
  2. Matchups referring to the performance of one or more surfers are considered valid given that all listed surfers start in the listed heat/event.
  3. Certain competitions/events might have offers that are relevant to the performance in an event where two or more listed surfers are eliminated in the same stage. In this case bets would be settled according to the so-called “dead-heat” rule where the payout would be calculated after the odds are divided and then multiplied by the stake, irrespective of whether the net payout is lower than the Authorized Account Holder's stake. Should such provision be in place it would be listed in conjunction with the bet offer.
  4. Markets for this sport may not currently be offered in all jurisdictions.