Rugby Union

  1. Unless otherwise specified all bets referring to the match and team performances, etc. are settled in accordance with the result at the end of the 2nd half (after 80 minutes play).
  2. Certain competitions/events might have offers that are relevant to a specific period/match that can end in a draw, either at the end of the normal 80 minutes of play or even after eventual extra (over) time is played. In such cases bets are settled according to the so-called “dead-heat” rule where the payout would be calculated after the odds are divided and then multiplied by the stake, irrespective of whether the net payout is lower than the Authorized Account Holder's stake. Should such provision be in place it would be listed in conjunction with the bet offer.
  3. Try Scorers (First/Last/Anytime/Team) – All bets include any potential extra (over) time. Any bets placed on players in game day 22 stand regardless of the player’s participation (or lack thereof) in the match. Stakes on players not included in game day 22 will be refunded.
  4. Unless otherwise specified, all other bets involving the performance of one or more players will require the listed participant(s) to play from the start of the match to be valid.
  5. Settlement of player-related bets in match/event/tournament will be based on the result after potential over (extra) time, unless otherwise stated.
  6. All bets stand, regardless of change of venue.
  7. Markets for this sport may not currently be offered in all jurisdictions.