Motor Sports

  1. This section is valid for all sports related to Motor Racing, such as: NASCAR, Formula One, A1 GP, CART, Indy Car, Circuit Racing, Touring Cars, DTM, Endurance, Rally, Rally-cross, Motorcycling, Superbike.
  2. Bets are settled according to the publication of live timing and classification as shown on TV at the time of podium presentations, or at the end of the session/race/event (as applicable). Should the information required for the settling of the offer be missing/not shown and/or incomplete, the first official information on the official site will be deemed binding, regardless of subsequent promotions, demotions, appeals and/or penalties inflicted after the termination of the session/race which the bet refers to.
  3. Events being shortened due to weather conditions or other situations but are deemed official by the governing association will be settled accordingly, regardless of any changes which said associations might make due to the incompletion of the race.
  4. Should an event/race/session/lap/heat be restarted from the beginning, bets will stand and will be settled according to the result issued after the restart, except for those bets the outcome of which has already been determined.
  5. For settlement purposes, a driver/rider who has taken part in an officially-sanctioned practice or qualification session is considered to have taken part in the event, regardless of his/her eventual participation in the actual race.
  6. In "Head to Head" bets all listed participants must take part in the session to which the bet refers to for bets to stand, irrespective of whether a driver manages to get an official time.
  7. In "Outright" or "Place" bets, no refunds will apply on those participants who do not take part for any reason, for the session/event/championship to which the offer refers to.
  8. Settlement for any offer with reference to "Race completion" will be based on official regulations as issued by the governing association.
  9. A "Head to Head" bet where both drivers/riders fail to complete the race is determined on the basis of the most laps completed. In case the participants fail to complete the race and are recorded for the same number of laps, the bet is declared void, except in cases of Rally where at least one of the listed participants must complete the event, otherwise the bets will be declared void.
  10. Time penalties inflicted by the governing Association during the qualifying session(s) will count. Other grid demotions/promotions are disregarded.
  11. A Race is considered to have started when the warm-up lap starts (where applicable), thus all drivers/riders taking part in the warm-up lap are deemed to have started. In case of a participant whose start is delayed, or starts the race from the pit lane, the participant is also deemed to have taken part.
  12. Settlement of seasonal markets will take into account the classification issued exactly after the completion of the last race of the season including any decisions taken by the organizing association during the season, given that said decision is issued before the last race of the season. Any decision (even on appeal) taken after the end of the last stipulated race is deemed as irrelevant.
  13. All bets which make reference to teams' performances will stand regardless of any driver/rider changes.
  14. Bets will stand regardless of any schedule/location/circuit changes as far as the race/event is held within the same year/season, irrespective of any time delays, calendar order, etc., except for those bets placed after 00:00CET of the Monday of the week for which the race/event is scheduled which will be refunded should the race/event/session that the offer refers to not be held within 7 days of the scheduled date at the time the bet was placed.
  15. Bets referring to specific teams' performance during the race require the initially stipulated number of vehicles from each team to start the race for bets to stand, otherwise they will be declared void (e.g. in Formula 1, two cars from each team should start the race).
  16. Settlement of bets referring to the inclusion of the "Safety Car" will not take into account those occurrences in which the actual race starts behind the "Safety Car".
  17. Settlement of offers on the first driver/car to retire will be based on the actual lap in which the driver is considered to have withdrawn from the race. Thus, if two or more drivers retire during the same lap bets will be settled in accordance with Dead Heat Reduction Rules.
  18. Bet offers referencing individual player or team total Fantasy Points will use DraftKingsClassic scoring system unless otherwise stated.
  19. Markets for this sport may not currently be offered in all jurisdictions.