Horse Racing

US Fixed Odds Racing Rules

  1. All races are settled on the basis of the official result issued by the local Horse Racing Authority including any amendments affected after eventual steward inquiries and objections. Any changes to the result after the first official result has been posted will not be considered.
  2. All bets placed in the race winner market are Win Only and will be settled at the odds taken at the time of the bet. In the event of a dead heat the winning stake will be divided by the number of selections that dead heated for the win. No place or show betting is available.
  3. All bets are placed on the horse name only, coupled runners are not considered in any fixed odds markets and will not be considered for settlement purposes. Therefore, when multiple horses are running with the same cloth number (coupled runners), a bet on any such horse is considered a bet on the named selection only and will not include any other selections with the same cloth number.
  4. In the event of a non-runner, deductions to the price taken on any bets placed prior to the horse being scratched from market will be applied according the price of the non-runner at the time of the non-runner’s withdrawal.  Deductions will be applied according to the table below.

    Decimal oddsFractional oddsNet deductions
    1.12 or lower1/9 or shorter90%
    1.13 - 1.191/8 - 2/1185%
    1.20 - 1.271/5 - 1/480%
    1.28 - 1.337/25 - 8/2575%
    1.34 - 1.441/3 - 11/2570%
    1.45 - 1.574/9 - 14/2565%
    1.58 - 1.664/7 - 13/2060%
    1.67 - 1.834/6 - 4/555%
    1.84 - 1.995/6 - 49/5050%
    2.00 - 2.24Evens - 31/2545%
    2.25 - 2.595/4 - 39/2540%
    2.60 - 2.798/5 - 7/435%
    2.80 - 3.399/5 - 23/1030%
    3.40 - 4.1912/5 - 3/125%
    4.20 - 5.4016/5 - 22/520%
    5.50 - 6.999/2 - 23/415%
    7.00 - 10.996/1 - 9/110%
    11.00 and higher10/1 and higherNo deduction
  5. In instances where a race is taken off the turf and ran on a dirt / AW surface, all bets will stand including those placed before the track announced the change of surface.
  6. All bets on non-runners as deemed so by the racetrack stewards on the day will be refunded in full.  If a horse refuses leave the stalls, unseats their jockey or fails to complete due to any reason, all bets will stand unless the stewards deem it a non-runner.
  7. Head to Head / Match bets - Where a head to head / match bet if offered, the winning selection is the horse with the best finishing position. If one of the horses in the head to head is scratched before the race, all bets on the both selections are void and will be refunded.

    If one of the selections does not complete the race and is deemed a runner, bets on that selection will be settled as losing with the other selection winning. If both horses in the head to head fail to complete the race or finished dead heated with each other all bets will be refunded.

  8. All bets will be declared void in the event of a race being abandoned or declared void by the racetrack stewards.
  9. Markets for this sport may not currently be offered in all jurisdictions.