1. All bets will be deemed as valid as much as the Tournament, or the relative round to which the bet refers to, is played within the same year, irrespective of any time delays, unless other arrangements have been agreed to.
  2. All bets referring to Tournament Performance (Winner, Place, Group Betting, Top Nationality, Individual Final Position, etc.) will be deemed valid as long as 36 holes have been completed by the eligible players, and an official result has been declared by the tournament organization.
  3. Bet offers already decided are considered as valid bets even though 36 holes are not played and/or an official result has not been issued by the organization.
  4. Any result deriving from officially sanctioned playoffs will count towards the settlement of the offers.
  5. Bets on players who start the tournament but withdraw voluntarily or are disqualified will be settled as losing bets, unless the result of the offer which the bet refers to is already determined.
  6. All Win/Place bets referring to the Competition Winner, and Top Nationality, and Leader after Round Markets placed after 00:00CET of the Monday of the week of the tournament on participants who do not compete at all will be refunded. All other Win/Place bets will be deemed valid.
  7. In outright bets which include a limited selection of participants, such as Top Nationality, Group Betting, etc., DraftKings reserves the right to apply Tattersalls Rule 4 on any non-starter. Dead Heat rules will apply except for cases where a play-off has determined a better finishing position.
  8. All "Head to Head" (2 Balls) bet offers require all participants to start in the event/round to which the bet refers to.
  9. In "Head to Head" bets featuring only two players, stakes will be refunded if both participants share the same finishing position and no draw option has been offered. In "Head to Head" bets featuring three players, should two or more participants share the same finishing position, stakes will be divided in accordance with Dead Heat Reduction Rules.
  10. Settlement of "Head to Head" bet offers involving the performance of two or more players (e.g. Best Finishing Position in the tournament) will be based upon the best finishing position/lowest score (as applicable) achieved in the relative event/round which the bet refers to.
  11. Any reference to Make/Miss the "Cut" requires an official cut/exclusion effected by the organizers for bets to stand. In the case of tournaments where players are eliminated during more than one phase, settlement will be based on a whether the player has qualified or not following the first "Cut" made.
  12. Disqualification/withdrawals by a player before the "Cut" is made, will result in the player being considered as having missed the "Cut". Disqualification/withdrawals subsequent to the "Cut" being made will be irrelevant towards the original settlement of the "Make the Cut" offers.
  13. In "Head to Heads" based on the best finishing position in the tournament, in case one player misses the cut then the other player will be settled as the winner. If both participants fail to make the "Cut" the player with the lowest score at the "Cut" will be considered as the winner. Should both players fail to make the "Cut" with the same score then the bet will be void. A player disqualified after the "Cut" has been made is deemed to have beaten a player who has failed to make the "Cut".
  14. Any reference to "Majors" will be based on the tournaments for that particular season to which the PGA attributes said definition, irrespective of any venue, date, or any other changes.
  15. Bet offers referencing individual golfer or country combined Fantasy Points will use DraftKings Classic scoring system unless otherwise stated.
  16. Markets for this sport may not currently be offered in all jurisdictions.