Fighting (Boxing / Mixed Martial Arts)

  1. All offers will be settled according to the official result of the relevant governing body immediately as declared by the ring announcer at the end of the fight.
  2. For settlement purposes, in case the match is interrupted for any reason in between rounds, e.g. retirement before the start of a round, disqualification, failure to answer the bell, the fight will be deemed to have finished at the end of the previous round.
  3. Offers on fights declared as a "No Contest" or "Technical draw" will be settled as void, except for those offers the outcome of which has been decided prior to the decision and could not possibly be changed regardless of future events, which will be settled according to the decided outcome.
  4. If for any reason, the number of rounds in a fight is changed, offers which make specific reference to rounds, such as "Round betting", "Group of Rounds", "Over/Under", "Method of Victory" and “To go the distance” will be declared void.
  5. For settlement purposes, betting on rounds or groups of rounds refers to a fighter to win by KO (Knockout), TKO (Technical Knockout), or disqualification during that round or group of rounds. If for any reason, a points decision is awarded before the full number of scheduled rounds is completed, or a fighter is disqualified, bets will be settled on the round in which the fight was stopped. Bets which nominate 'to win on points' will only be deemed winners if the full number of rounds is completed.
  6. For a match to be declared as having been decided by "points", (e.g. the different definition of "decision"), all scheduled rounds must be completed. All other decisions (e.g. KO, TKO, withdrawal, submission, disqualification, failure to answer the bell, clash of heads, low blow, etc.) will be settled as if the boxer has won the fight without the need of a decision, aka "before the bell".
  7. Bets referring to round/fight duration represents the actual time passed in the round/fight, as applicable, depending on the scheduled round/fight duration. For example, a bet on Over 4.5 Total Rounds in a Boxing fight will be settled as Over once a minute and a half in the 5th Round has passed.
  8. Bets on postponed fights will stand for 30 days. If either fighter is replaced with another fighter, all bets will be void and wagers returned.
  9. Bet offers referencing individual player or fight total Fantasy Points will use DraftKings Classic scoring system unless otherwise stated.
  10. Markets for this sport may not currently be offered in all jurisdictions.