Cycling (Track & Road)

  1. Settlement of offers will be based upon the rider/team achieving the highest position at the end of the stage/event.
  2. The decisive factor in settling bets will be the highest placing in the specified event as listed by the official organization at the time of the podium presentation, disregarding subsequent disqualifications, changes to the official result, etc.
  3. All "Head to Head" and “Over/Under” bets featuring the performance of one or more riders in an event/stage are considered valid given that all listed riders start the relative event/stage and at least one completes the said event/stage.
  4. Bets referring to the outcome upon completion of the event require that the specified event is considered as completed in full and its result is declared, otherwise bets will be declared void, unless the result is already determined. In case the full number of stages for an event is not totally completed, or if the organizers decide to remove the result of certain stages from the computation of the official result, then the bets will be deemed valid granted that the number of the excluded stages does not exceed 25% of the pre-established number of stages (excluding prologue) at the beginning of the competition.
  5. All bets will be deemed as valid provided that the Event, or the relative stage to which the bet refers to, is played within the same year, unless other arrangements have been agreed to.
  6. Bets on performances in a particular stage stand regardless of any route modifications which the organizers might deem fit to consider and apply during the stage. Exception to this is the case where a stage which has particular characteristics (E.g.: a Mountains stage) is changed by the organizers, before the stage starts, into a stage which has other predominant characteristics (E.g.: Time Trial or low-lying stage). In such case bets which have been placed before the announcement of the change in stage concept will be declared void.
  7. Unless otherwise specified, in a team/rider performance bet offer in a specific event (such as Total Stage wins by Team/Rider X in Tour Y) or "Head to Head" bet offers involving two riders/teams performances in specific events, occurrences happening in events which are given any of the following denominations will not count towards the settlement: Prologue, Team Time Trial.
  8. Markets for this sport may not currently be offered in all jurisdictions.