1. Unless otherwise stated, all bets on Athletics are determined on the basis of the result after the final stage of that competition. If neither of the listed participants takes part in the final stage, all bets will be void, unless the governing association follows specific tie-breaking procedures, in which case, these will be deemed valid.
  2. All odds will be settled based on the first official result being presented. However, DraftKings will take into account and settle/re-settle accordingly, following any changes to the official result issued within 24 hours after the event has taken place. For such eventuality to be considered, the protest must be attributable to incidents happening exclusively during the event, such as a line infringement, pushes or a false handover in a relay race, etc. No doping cases will be considered. The result available at the end of the aforementioned 24 hours will be deemed as binding regardless of any further protests, changes to the official result, etc.
  3. If two or more participants take part in different heats during a competition, all Head-To-Head-offers between them will be considered void, unless there is a later stage in the competition that at least one of them qualifies for.
  4. A participant that is disqualified due to infringement of the start procedure (false start) will be deemed as having taken part in the event.
  5. The list below may contain certain sports or markets that are not currently available in your jurisdiction.