O 33.5
Army West Point
U 33.5
O 60.5
U 60.5
Ohio State
O 61
U 61

College Football Betting News

Heisman Trophy watch over? USC QB Caleb Williams big odds-on favorite
4:57 PM · Nov 27, 2022
Heisman Trophy watch over? USC QB Caleb Williams big odds-on favorite
The USC Trojans still have one more huge hurdle to climb in order to make the College Football Playoff, but it seems that Caleb Williams has done everything required of him to win the Heisman Trophy. The best college football player in the country wins the award and the Heisman Trophy odds at DraftKings list Williams at -3000 to be the first USC quarterback since Matt Leinart in 2004 to win the prestigious honor.
Author(s): Adam Burke. Photo by USA TODAY Sports
Youmans: Best Bets for college football Week 13
3:57 PM · Nov 26, 2022
Youmans: Best Bets for college football Week 13
As the coaching carousel spins in college football, it’s becoming increasingly likely that Wisconsin will remove the interim tag from Jim Leonhard’s title and name him the full-time head coach by next week. Bet on it happening. The Badgers could probably seal the deal for Leonhard by posting a convincing win today in their regular-season finale against Minnesota. This is not a must-win situation for Leonhard, but it never helps to lose a rivalry game at home, so more than the Paul Bunyan Axe might be at stake. The program was a mess on Oct. 1, when Wisconsin was blown out at home by Illinois and Paul Chryst was fired as a result. Leonhard took over a 2-3 team — the wins under Chryst came against cupcake opponents Illinois State and New Mexico State — and has a 4-2 record in Big Ten play, with both losses on the road. The Badgers’ passing game remains a problem that Leonhard, the defensive coordinator, cannot fix overnight. Graham Mertz threw for 83 yards in an ugly 15-14 comeback win at Nebraska last week. Braelon Allen and Chez Mellusi are among the conference’s top running backs, so Wisconsin’s success is almost entirely due to its ground attack and defense. The Gophers’ quarterback dilemma has been even more dire without injured veteran Tanner Morgan. In a 13-10 loss to Iowa a week ago, Mohamed Ibrahim carried a one-dimensional offense by rushing for 263 yards. For the Badgers, who have won 16 of the past 18 meetings in this series, the mission against Minnesota is to contain Ibrahim, win back the Axe and rally around Leonhard in his campaign to lead the program on a permanent basis. I’ll bet on it happening. Pick: Wisconsin -3   Four more plays for Saturday (HOME team in CAPS):
Author(s): Matt Youmans. Photo by USA TODAY Sports
What Hendon Hooker injury means for Heisman Trophy odds
8:45 PM · Nov 22, 2022
What Hendon Hooker injury means for Heisman Trophy odds
Tennessee quarterback Hendon Hooker tore his ACL in the Vols’ brutal loss to South Carolina on Saturday.
Author(s): grace.mcdermott. Photo by Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

College Football Odds: NCAA Betting Lines, Spreads, and Moneylines

It’s no surprise that college football is one of the most popular sports in America, and nothing compares to the history, rivalries, and loyalty the game carries. Combine this with the beauty of amateur sport, from the broad range of talent to the opportunity for glory, and it’s easy to see why NCAA football betting is one of the biggest and most exciting opportunities for sports fans. 

Types of College Football Game Bets

You’re ready to get in on the action and bet on college football. But first, you need to decide what type of bet you’ll make. Maybe you’re confident it’ll be a quarterback shootout, or you think a team will win by more than the spread. At DraftKings, you can learn how to bet within minutes - There are plenty of options for winning big.


A point spread is an amount a team is favored to win by. If a team is projected to win by 10 points, you get to decide if they’ll hit that mark or not. Think they’ll shatter the opponent? Or will the other team keep it close? College football spreads are popular among betters. 


An NCAAF line is a bet that has odds. If you want to pick the winner, no matter the score, college football betting lines are for you—if the player or team you bet on wins, you’ll get paid out. Payouts for moneylines depend on how well your betting team is favored. 

Over / Unders

Also known as Totals, Over / Unders are a bet on a specific statistic of the game. The most common Over / Under is the total points. Will it be a high-scoring affair? Or a low-point defensive matchup?

Prop bets

Short for proposition bets, a prop bet isn’t usually tied to the final score or outcome. The most common prop bets are player props, where wagers are made on a single player’s performance, like how many throwing yards the quarterback will have.

There’s a wide range of other prop bets you can play on. Everything is up for grabs, from who scores the first touchdown to how many rushing yards a team will have. You can even bet on what color Gatorade will be poured on the winning coach. If picking the winning team seems too simple, prop bets may be right for you.

Live NCAAF Odds

If you want to actively bet during the game, check out live odds. Know who’s going to score next? Got a good feeling about this drive? Live NCAAF odds update with the action, so stay engaged. There’s always another bet to be made.


Parlays are for folks who feel lucky or like routing for several outcomes. You can combine multiple bets to raise the stakes and extend the fun, and if all your picks win, you get a major payout. 

Futures betting

Futures are bets on the entire season rather than a single game. Futures betting pays well because of the difficulty of making selections so far in advance.

The most popular futures bet is what team will win the College Football National Championship, but there are many futures to choose from, such as the winner of the Heisman Trophy.

How Do You Read College Football Odds?

Understanding NCAA football odds is key in picking that winning bet. Don’t be overwhelmed by the numbers! Here’s a simple breakdown to make your next bet easy.

College football lines

In the U.S., NCAA football lines are odds based on a bet of $100.

First, you need to look for the ( + ) or ( – ) symbols. The ( + ) represents the underdog and means a winning bet of $100 will return that amount. For example, a $100 bet on a +150 underdog will pay out $150. On the other hand, the ( – ) means you must bet that amount to win $100 since that team is favored. In other words, a –150 favorite means you must bet $150 to win $100.

So let’s say Nebraska and Rutgers have an upcoming game, and the moneyline looks like this:

Nebraska +120
Rutgers -140

Nebraska is the underdog, so if you bet $100 on Nebraska and they win, it’ll pay $120.

Rutgers is the favorite, so the payout will be lower. In this example, you’ll have to bet $140 to win $100.

It’s important to note that the home team is always listed second. So in this example, Nebraska is playing at Rutgers.

Even if you think one team will win, if the odds are bad, you may decide that isn’t the bet for you.

College football opening lines

The opening line is the initial odds put out for a game. Many see this as the truest and fairest representation of oddsmaker predictions before they alter things based on the betting. However, further in advance means more betting factors, like injury updates, can change before game time. 

College football closing lines

The closing line is the final odds before the game. These can be different from the opening lines based on factors like injuries, suspensions, or lopsided betting.

Spread bets

The spread will have the same ( + ) or ( – ) odds. However, you’ll also see the spread number.

Nebraska +3 –115
Rutgers –3 –105

This means that Rutgers has to give three points since they’re the favorites. If they win by more than three, this bet will pay out $100 if you wager $105.

Total bets

The most common total bet is the final combined score. You can bet if the total will be over (O) or under (U) the amount projected.

So our previous example may look like this:

O 63 –110
U 63 –110

The total score, both teams combined, is projected to be 63 points. It’s up to you to decide if the actual outcome will be over or under 63. Either bet will pay $100 for a $110 wager.

What Are The Biggest College Football Betting Events?

At DraftKings, you can bet on any college football game, but some games are bigger events than others. The bigger the game, the greater the excitement!

Championship Games

The biggest event in the NCAAF season is the College Football Playoffs, where the best team of the year is crowned. The finals for the national title happen in January.

In addition, there are 11 Division 1-A Conferences and the same number of Championship Games to crown a top team at the end of the year.

Conference Championships:

  • American
  • ACC
  • Big 12
  • Big Ten
  • C-USA
  • FBS Independents
  • Mid-American
  • Mountain West
  • Pac-12
  • SEC
  • Sun Belt


Rivalries go back as far as college sports and are some of the biggest games of the season. Even if you don’t have a horse in the race, you won’t want to miss out on the drama of these matchups.

Some of the major rivalries include:

  • Army vs. Navy
  • Michigan vs. Ohio State
  • Texas vs. Oklahoma
  • Alabama vs. Auburn
  • Florida vs. Georgia
  • Harvard vs. Yale
  • Notre Dame vs. USC

The Bowls

Teams that don’t make the College Football Playoffs are eligible for a single postseason bowl game. These matchups are usually held in the same location every year and are big events after the regular season.

The biggest bowl games, reserved for the most elite teams, are known as the New Year’s Six. These include:

  • The Rose Bowl
  • The Fiesta Bowl
  • The Sugar Bowl
  • The Orange Bowl
  • The Cotton Bowl
  • The Peach Bowl

College Football Teams


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