2021 NFL Super Wild Card Weekend Odds and Betting

The 2021-2022 NFL regular season is over and the playoffs are almost here, and it’ll be an action-packed slate of upcoming games for the Wild Card round that spans three days from Saturday to Monday. Super Wild Card Weekend will have two Saturday games, three Sunday games and also a Monday game, culminating with Monday Night Football between the Los Angeles Rams and Arizona Cardinals. Most of the point spreads for the games are close, which should be unsurprising for a playoff weekend but the Kansas City Chiefs stick out in terms of the odds with a line that’s well into double-digits against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Super Wild Card Weekend begins Saturday afternoon with the Las Vegas Raiders and Cincinnati Bengals, and it’ll be followed by the third meeting of the season between the Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots. That game in particular seems likely to draw a lot of attention especially with a weather forecast that expects temperatures to be well below freezing, though the total has been climbing in the early part of the week despite that. Sunday’s games will include the aforementioned matchup between the Chiefs and Steelers, but that’ll be the third and final game on Sunday with two others coming before it. Sunday kicks off with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hosting the Philadelphia Eagles, followed by the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers. The Chiefs and Steelers play Sunday night after those two games, and the Monday night game between the Rams and Cardinals will be the first Monday Night Football playoff game in NFL history.

Week 18 didn’t move the needle much in the NFL MVP race as Aaron Rodgers remained a significant favorite, and he’s -400 for the award heading into Super Wild Card Weekend with Tom Brady still in second at +350. The Green Bay Packers also lead the way in Super Bowl odds with a line at +380 heading into their first round bye, and the Tennessee Titans are all the way down at +850 despite having a bye of their own. The teams in between those two include the Chiefs at +450 and the Bills and Buccaneers both at +800.

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